Based in
Los Angeles, CA, USA
Skills & Certs:
CPR/First Aid Certified
Open water lifeguard certified
Wilderness First Responder
AMGA Single Pitch Rock Instructor Certified

I was born in Chicago, where I couldn't do any of the stuff I dreamed of doing. I was lucky enough to learn to surf on a vacation to the east coast and that was it, I got the bug for life. Ever since then I have been living next to the ocean, first Miami, now Los Angeles.

For me, LA has been the mecca of adventure compared to where I'm from. I surf, I rock climb, I climb mountains and snowboard down them. It's all here. I love the nature here and the grandness of it. Being that little speck on a giant rock wall, riding inside the tube of a cylindrical wave breaking over a reef, leaving the first tracks down a white-capped remote peak. For me, what drives my adventures is all about putting yourself somewhere you never thought possible and getting to tell the story about it.

I do the same thing with surfing, and my students get to do it as well after they ride their first wave. It doesn't matter what level your at, it's all about trying to step up and push yourself to go higher than you've gone before .
Surfing Adventure Day
Simply put, Quinn makes this adventure epic! We started off the day near Malibu where Quinn had all of our gear (suits, boards and GoPros) ready for us, then we had a quick lesson on the beach before getting into the water. The surf was perfect and we spent hours in the water with Quinn's instruction and help catching the waves. After changing (Quinn even had a portable shower), he took us up into the hills to catch the sunset. After a funny ride with good music, we finally got to a campsite where we started a bonfire and began cooking. To our surprise, Quinn whipped out pounds of marinated carne asada steak, cilantro, onions, limes, fresh tortillas...he had it all. After we were more than stuffed, he continued to bring out more goodies (this time it was endless smores). We joked and had an awesome rest of the night. I couldn't recommend Quinn any higher!