Northern California Adventures
by Christopher Knight
Jan. 19, 2015
In recent years, California's buzz has either been consumed by Hollywood celebrity lunch dates or the astronomical technology IPO's from the bay area. I myself am a California native, and neither of these microcosms truthfully define the state for what it truly is. For those lucky enough to have an outdoor passion, California is a blank canvas for adventure. With over 160,000 square miles and so many climates, the adventure options are endless. So whether you gravitate towards mountains, waves, or the cultural epicenters of the state, California has something for every type of adventurer.

Like most Californians, you probably don't surf in the mornings before work or spend your entire weekend climbing redwoods followed by wine tasting at the top vineyards.. Unfortunately..

But putting these cliches aside, there are surely some amazing California bucket list items we have all been putting on the back burner for too long. I can only speak for myself, but a primary reason that I have yet to tackle a few of my adventure goals is that I don't know anyone in the sports. That is the core of our mission at Adventure Local - to help break these initial barriers for you, and give you complete access to a platform where local adventure guides want to share their passions with you.

It's so easy to slip into routine and not take the risks that we know will make us happy. Financial insecurity, fear of injury, and lack of competence are usually the fundamental reasons I myself put off pursuing my adventure goals. While these realities should certainly not be ignored, our team truly believes that adventure travel, with the help of dedicated local guides, is the recipe for some of life's most memorable experiences.

We have scoured communities and partnered with some amazing surf, mountain-bike, photography, yoga, and skiing professionals who are as excited as you are to take you on their California adventures. Here's our chance to finally throw out those excuses and truly Adventure Local; of course making some new friends in the process!
Flowing Yoga & Riding Waves
This two-day workshop will explore the grounding, centering and peaceful benefits of yoga mixed with the fun, excitement and exhilaration of surfing waves in the Pacific Ocean.
Tahoe Backcountry Skiing
Ski out of the gates of Sugar Bowl Ski Resort to the backcountry. Tour for the day, descending to rustic Lost Trail Lodge to spend the night in your own private room.
Photographic Storytelling Lessons
WIth a National Geographic Photographer Steve Byrne - - Explore some of San Francisco's most colorful and dynamic people and scenery compared to any city on the planet. Come with me on a photo walk through my home and learn to tell compelling stories with your camera.
Northern Cali Mountain Bike Trip
Let us show you why Northern California is the birth place of mountain biking. Don't waste your precious time trying to piece together a ride in an unfamiliar area. Let our guides get you to the sweet trails - instantly.
Finally Learn to Surf
Learning to surf is a matter of knowing yourself, learning the secrets of the sea, and making the two come together. A personalized surf lesson from a certified instructor is the best and safest way to get you into the amazing world of surfing. Charging cluelessly out into the ocean to catch your first wave is not a safe practice.