Nepal Rafting Adventures
by Maila Gurung
Jan. 10, 2015
I have been working all my life as a river guide and in 2008 I set up my own company. GRG's Adventure Kayaking ( This is a Nepali based adventure company which specializes in adventure travel and holidays primarily whitewater rafting, kayaking and canyoning.

Nepal is a small landlocked country with some of the most diverse geography in the world and it is quickly becoming one of the top adventure travel destinations in the world. Famous for the Himalayan mountains, trekkers have rushed to this country for decades. However, in recent years tourists have been exploring other activities such as whitewater rafting, kayaking, rock climbing, paragliding and mountain biking and because of this we have seen a boost in Nepali tourism. According to the World Travel & Tourism Council (2012), the total contribution of travel & tourism to GDP has risen from 82 billion Nepali rupees in 2002 to 1119.1 billon Nepali rupees in 2011. It has also created over 412,500 jobs which is fantastic for a developing country.

As kayakers ourselves, we have focused on running whitewater rafting and kayaking trips in the passed 6 years. There are many rafting companies in Nepal, but we are the only company in the country to specialize in kayaking and we are of the opinion that everyone should come to Nepal for whitewater kayaking! There are over 6000 rivers in Nepal, thanks to the many mountains we have in the surrounding area, and we run 15 of these on a regular basis and have witnessed more and more people getting involved in these sports than ever before.

The great thing about kayaking in Nepal is that there are rivers suited for any ability and for any amount of time that you may have. The Trisuli for total novices, the Upper Seti for an hours run or the Tamur for an 11 day expedition. There are more multiday trips available in Nepal than any other country. If you want to learn to kayak, then it is a great destination, offering warm waters, great scenery and several rivers that are perfect for first timers. Book on to the popular 4 day Beginner Clinics and see how you get on, from there you can progress onto other, more challenging rivers depending on how quickly you take to the sport.

For intermediates wanting to improve their skills, there are some great one day or multiday expeditions you could go onto. If you go paddling with unloaded boats on a raft support to the Sun Kosi (9 days), Karnali (10 days) or Kaligandai (3 days) are great rivers to travel to and you will really see your skill improve. All of our guests comment how they learn so much more when you kayak continuously which is why these trips are so great for Grade III paddlers. We paddle down these rivers, typically with raft support carrying all our camping equipment, then camp on beautiful white sandy beaches on the riverside. The sense of adventure, being away from the towns, roads and technology and really getting into the natural environment is one you will never forget. It also gives you an insight to Nepali culture you would not get if you stuck to the normal tourist destinations. We take you to places that very few tourists go to and you’ll see how these quaint, traditional villages truly exist.

And if you’re an expedition paddler, we promise you will not be disappointed. Nepal has without a doubt some of the best expedition rivers in the world, the Humla Karnali, Tamur, Thule Bheri, Arun Gorges and the Tamba Kosi to name a few. In fact there are a few first descents still waiting to be done! Whether you paddle on your own or on a supported trip you will have the time of your life. With incredible whitewater, some breathtaking scenery and a whole new culture to explore, kayaking in Nepal has to be up there on all kayakers bucket list.

And if you don’t fancy kayaking, you can always jump in the raft!

If you think you would like to kayak in Nepal, no matter what your ability then please contact us to come and have a true Nepalese adventure!
9 day rafting trip in Nepal
It offers an 9 day expedition experience through the heart of Nepal. Starting near the Tibetan border and running all the way to the confluence with the Ganges.
11 days trekking & rafting
The Tamur Expedition is one of the most exciting trips on offer in Nepal. It combines a 3 day trek though the majestic Himalayan Mountains with a 7 day raft or kayak trip on some wild whitewater in the eastern region of Nepal. Get off the beaten track and go rural.