Diversity of Costa Rica
by Shayan Dhanani
Dec. 28, 2014
Recently I had the opportunity to visit the 'rich coast' of this world, or also known as Costa Rica. It really is a 'rich' land, and I don't just mean by the cost of living (for a central american country its quite expensive). The land is unique year round and the soil enriched by the many volcanoes; locals have told me forests and vegetation grows so fast on the land there that its hard not to be a part-time farmer.

The people on the other hand are the other asset. Tourism is booming and growing, not sure if this forces the locals to be nice but again it is a huge part of their economy (tourism earns more foreign exchange than the combined exports of the country's three main cash crops). There are many many expats setup there with airbnbs and vacation home rentals with no shortage of hostels in almost every 'traveler' town. Wherever you go, the locals will help in any way they can, you just have to ask and they will point you in the right direction, or pick you up and give you a ride if you need it.

To Do:
- Monteverde and the cloud forest, also roam around a bit outside the city, natural wildlife galore
- Longest zipline in central america in Monteverde (also bungee jump if you have the heart)
- Pacific & Caribbean side beaches (sooo different, and you'll see why)
- Surf, SUP, free-dive, scuba-dive (plenty of shops in most busy cities)
- Arenal Volcano Park (Only if you have time)

- Local: Rice, Carne/Pollo, Beans, Salad
- Smoothies with water / milk (whats in season fruit wise)
- Fresh tropical fruit everywhere

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