Advlo Affiliate Program
by Shayan Dhanani
Dec. 11, 2014
Recently we have been brainstorming ways to encourage our members to spread the good word about Advlo. We felt that people should never be asked to do something for nothing, so we developed the super simple affiliate program.
We are looking for bloggers who have readers interested in biking, hiking, surfing, snow sports, unique adventures, cultural connections, and most importantly - the desire to adventure with locals when they travel.

This is a way to connect your audience with awesome adventures, and easily make money doing so.
  1. Create an account
  2. Link a Paypal address
  3. Embed or Link your code

Signup = 50¢

Booking made by a signup = 5%

Our goal with this campaign is simplicity. You can track how many people clicked through your link from our page - and see how many of them converted into signups. At the end of each week - if you have passed our threshold of $20 we will send out your paycheck. We know this is the start to an evolving relationship with those willing to help build our community. Help us be part of these brainstorming sessions and drop us a line.

Happy Earning!

The Advlo Team
Choose your style
No more confusing penny a click options or confusing affiliate plans.
Track your results
Check in realtime your click-throughs, signups, and reservations
3 step process
Create an account - Link your Paypal - embed / link and earn
Travel with Advlo - Adventure with Locals
Get paid to help people travel with local guides.