4 Epic Adventures
by Christopher Knight
Dec. 9, 2014
Our small team is constantly inundated with adventure requests that push the boundaries of 'adventure travel'. This vetting / research / interview process can be challenging for us, and often times begins the ever-present team pow-wow asking Is this an adventure?

For myself, a sketchy jump off of a bridgeconstitutes a grand adventure - & for others an Indian food safari via rickshawis plenty to get their travel juices flowing. We are always on the lookout for a connection to a new local who can offer that unique cultural adventure that travelers crave (earn moneyby inviting friends or potential hosts). It is often that we come across anadventure so epic, we cringe because we are stuck behind our computers working on the platform. We try to go on as many Advlo trips as we can, because it re-invigorates us as to why we started. To connect travelers to people who have devoted their lives to a passion, and are willing to share it with others. These trips engage on all fronts of the Advlo Mantra : physical activity / cultural connection / outdoor centric - and while everyone has their own 'cup of tea' while planning their travels, the following are;undeniablyadventures worth checking out.
Befriend a team of horses
Deep in the Costa Rican hills, these natural horsemanship trainers wants to teach you to connect with horses on a spiritual level. You will be riding bareback, sending telepathic commands to your fleet of stallions.. Well.. you will spend 2 full days bonding deeply with the most majestic animals on earth. This is a truly unique experience to build horsemanship skills and meet some amazing people.
14 scuba dives in Burma
Burma is known as one of the last vestiges of unchartered territory for adventure travelers in all of SouthEast Asia. In 2012 the political situation changed, and tourism in Burma opened to the private sector. This adventure is one of the gems among the newfound haystack - operated by a couple of ex-pats, Camille and Franck, this is one way to see Burma by scuba adventure form an operation that supports locals.
Intro to Fire spinning
Bryan loves fire so much he is building his own company to host events and training to connect people with the energy essence itself. No experience is needed. Want to spin staff like an ancient warrior? Or just stick to traditional fire-poi - once you learn some basic moves, when you're ready you will ignite them and watch you flow!
Sandboarding an active volcano
Francisco is a local Nicaraguan adventure guide who started his doing guiding because he loves the emotion, adrenaline, and instinct that you discover during adventures. He has first aid training, and if you prefer to rent motorbikes to get out there he highly encourages it. It's a big adventure for a small price!