Shadow Rainforest Tribe
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$ 312 per person
Group Size:
1 - 15 people
4 Days
Merapoh, 27210 Kuala Lipis, Pahang, Malaysia
Cultural / Camping / Other
Become an honorary member of a tribe on this immersive trip into the Malaysian jungle. Join the Batek tribe, who reside on the edge of the Taman Negara rainforest, for a few days of life in its simplest form. With the Batek you will be exploring the jungle, foraging for food and tracking the local wildlife on poacher surveillance patrol.

This trip will truly encapsulate you as you are taught how the Batek successfully live as a hunter-gatherer community. The Batek are a wonderful people, one of the few tribes that still practice this traditional and humble lifestyle in Malaysia. This trip will immerse you within their culture, as they teach you how to eat, sleep and live in the world’s oldest rainforest.

• Learning hands-on about Batek lifestyle
• Foraging for food with the Batek ladies
• Camping with the Batek tribe, after building your own shelter.
• Poacher surveillance patrol
• Traditional Malay meals
Day1: Arrival. Meet Your Hosts And A Malay Dinner
Arrive at Merapoh Bus Station to be picked up by our team members. After lunch you will have time to settle in to your accommodation in the ecohouse, after which you will be briefed about the upcoming activities. Tomorrow will be a busy day, so after a delicious traditional Malay meal with a local family, you can rest and have a good night’s sleep.
Foraging With The Baek Ladies & Dinner At Sunset Point
Today you will witness the beauty of the Taman Negara Rainforest, guided by the Batek ladies. The Batek tribal people are one of the aboriginal groups in the Malay Peninsular or “Orang asli” - meaning original people in the Malay language. Although living in villages for the last decade, they still maintain a hunter-gatherer culture, continuing an unwavering bond with the surrounding jungle through the generations. When it gets too hot to stay in their government-built brick houses they reside in the jungle for up to a month. The lovely Batek ladies will guide you into the forest on a 4-5 hour hike, off the beaten track and into the wild. Be ready to be decorated with flowers in your hair and natural paint on your face. Don’t be surprised when you’ll be asked to carry roots, leaves or fish back to the village: if you’re going to live with the Batek, you must work like a Batek! Finish a hard-days adventuring in style: dinner overlooking a beautiful rainforest sunset.
Day 3: Poacher Surviellance Patrol & Camping
The rainforest is calling for you again, so today you will be hiking into a different part of the jungle. Your presence in the jungle will keep poachers at a distance and help our team collect location data of sun bears, leopards, elephants and perhaps even the Malayan Tiger. The Batek will show you the way again. Pay attention to the path you’re walking on to find the pugmarks of the rainforests wildlife. In the afternoon you will set up camp. This will include: building your own shelter out of branches and leaves, collecting bamboo, cutting a bamboo cup for yourself, fishing and cooking your catch on a fire. After another day of tribal life you will be rewarded with a simple but stunning dinner. Feel free to bath in the river, gaze at the fire, listen to the birds and fall asleep on a bed of leaves. Tonight is your last night, but one never to be forgotten.
You will be staying in a small village called Merapoh, a thirty minute drive from Gua Musang. Merapoh is famous for its limestone rock formations and for caving. However the area is not often visited by tourists, so you will catch a glimpse of an untouched, traditional Malaysian village. The first two nights you will be staying at our eco house in Merapoh. Here you will share an A/C room with choice of a double or single bed. The third night you will be camping in the jungle, alongside the Batek people. Wifi is available at our eco house. There is no safe box available, but a laundry service is available.
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